Strataglass 30gge Clear 53"x110" Marine or Auto Windows
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 Strataglass 30gge Clear 53"x110" Marine or Auto Windows

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Cautions Strataglass is scratch resistant - NOT SCRATCH PROOF! Curtains must be handled with care. Never roll up with salt or grit on surface. Do not handle with sunscreen on your hands. Other polishes should never be used on Strataglass, they will actually damage the finish, and if accidentally used, should be removed with a cleaner such as Windex. Because of the special finish on the product, Strataglass only warrants the use of Strataglass Protective Cleaner (#7090) and Strataglass Protective Polish (#7091). Use of any other products may void the warranty.
Cleaning Instruction See Features/Cautions.
Cold Crack Product Cold Crack is equal to or greater than -23 degrees Celsius (-10 Fahrenheit)
Construction Plastic for Marine or Auto Windows
Content 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Description Scratch Resistant PVC Sheets for Windows
Features Strataglass was tested in temperatures ranging from -10F (-23C) to a 120F and remained flexible with no cracking, shrinkage or discoloration. Extremely scratch resistant - Roll up straps and zipper teeth won't scratch. Impervious to UV damage. Strataglass rolls up easily. Sheet size is 53" X 110" but size will vary Thickness is 30 mil (0.030"). Polymeric scratch resistant coating.
Fire Retardancy Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302.
Mildew Product is Mildew Resistant.
Thickness Product thickness is .1 mm.
Ultraviolet Product is Rated Ultraviolet Resistant equal to or greater than 1000 hours.
Uses Boat Tops Window Products
Weight 4.09 Kilograms per Sheet. 9.0 pounds per unit.







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Shipping is $16.00 for as many sheets as you need.

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There is a surcharge on shipping to Alaska, Hawaii , P.R. and other distant US locations as well as northern Canadian Provinces.

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Strataglass 30gge Clear 53"x110" Marine or Auto Windows

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