Star Ultra Dee B92 Thread Jockey Red 2000 YDS boat
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Description Star Ultra Dee B92 Thread Jockey Red 2000 YDS
Colorfastness Dry Heat Fastness: Rating of 4 (min.) @ 350 F, 30 Seconds, AATCC method 117. Washing and Laundering (Commercial): Color range rating is 4(min.) and color transfer rating is 3 (min.) @ #111-A testconditions per AATCC method 61. Laundering (Domestic): Rating of 4 (min.) @ 140 F with chlorine bleach tested by ASTM D204-79a1. Water Migration: (cold water bleeding) Rating of 4 (min.) tested by ASTM D204. Crocking: Rating of 3 (min.) wet and dry, as tested by AATCC method 8.
Description 100% Polyester thread with excellent resistance for outdoor and garment applications.
Features Polyester thread with excellent resistance to UV rays, micr-organisms, mildew, acids and other chemicals. Excellent sewability with less pucker, providing for optimum operator and sewing machine efficiencies. Resists moisture absorption and is a very good insulator against electrical charges. Colorfast and durable, dry cleanable.All thread sold in Canada have "Left Hand Twist". Thickness in Tex is 90 units. Recommended needle sizes are Singer 19-22, Metric 120-140. Thread Shrinkage is less than 2% under hot press and oven treatments. Break strength is 14.2 lbs. Elongation is 28% max.
Uses Sporting goods, marine use, canvas goods, auto interiors, flags, any application requiring good strength and exposure characteristics.
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Star Ultra Dee B92 Thread Jockey Red 2000 YDS Marine Auto

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