Plastic 40 gge Clear with Paper - Per Lineal Yard.
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Plastic 40gge Clear with Paper - Per Lineal Yard. 

This is sold per lineal Yard - 1 yard = 36" x 48" , 2 yards = 72" x 48", 3 yards = 108" x 48" , and so on.

With Plastic gge plastic the smaller the gge, the thinner it is. 

Most common boat window plastic is 20gge or 30gge.

Some of our plastics come with paper rolled inside the roll so plastic won't stick and it makes it easier to sew ( as in boat top windows) with out scratching the plastic.

If you would like a sample of this and or other plastics, we can send, free of charge.


Our stock is always changing so you might check on availability before ordering, 99 % of the time, it is good.

Description Plastic 40gge Clear
Construction Plastic for Marine or Auto Windows
Content 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Description 40 gge, Clear Plastic, With Paper
Features product thickness is 1.016mm
Thickness Product thickness is 1.0 mm.
Ultraviolet Product has Ultraviolet Resistant Properties of an unknown number of hours, or less than 300 hours.
Uses Boat Tops Outdoor Window Products
Weight 38.95 ounces per square yard. 51.93 Ounces per Linear Yard
Width 48"







 We can send samples by request, no charge.

Shipping is by Fedex in the USA and Usually Purolator in Canada.

Shipping is $16.00 for as many rolls as you need.

We will combine shipping with other orders.

There is a surcharge on shipping to Alaska, Hawaii , P.R. and other distant US locations as well as northern Canadian Provinces.

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Plastic 40gge Clear With Paper Per Lineal Yard Windows Boats

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