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Description KOBAN # 25 KW575 DARK GREEN
Base COLOR Dark Green
Content 35% Cotton65% Polyester
Description 3 Ply twisted thread made from 35% cotton cover and 65% polyester. It consists of a filament core of polyester with a cover of cotton.
Features The cotton protects the poly core from the weakening effects of needle heat while supplying the high level strength characteristics of a synthetic. There is no fusing, even at high machine speeds. It has excellent durability to repeated launderings, low shrinkage, and excellent abrasion resistance. The cotton retains the lubricant better than a polyester would without it, and the continuous filament core provides excellent loop forming characteristics through the needle, which is important when sewing heavy fabrics, as it helps prevent skip stitching. This is a superb all around sewing thread.All thread sold in Canada have "Left Hand Twist". Thickness in Tex is 120 units. Elongation is min-max 28-30. Recommended needle sizes are Singer 22-24, Metric 125-180. Thread Shrinkage less than 2% under hot press and oven treatments. Break Strength is 11.5 lbs.
Frequently Asked Que 3000 yard Spool.
Uses An excellent multi purpose sewing thread for general upholstery, leathers, vinyls, canvasses and knit goods
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KOBAN # 25 KW575 DARK GREEN THREAD 3000 Yards Upholstery

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