Carbon Fiber Q 900 Blue Streak Auto Marine Vinyl
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Carbon Fiber Q 900 Blue Streak

We have 11 colors of this Carbon Fiber vinyl in our store.

Price is for one lineal yard ( 54" wide x 36" )  - You can order as many yards as you need under 'quantity' at the top of the page. It will come in one continuous length.

I have used this for covering, car seats, boat seats and panels. It has a nice feel and looks good.

Great for any outdoor or indoor seats, panels, and so on.

It is a good quality marine grade vinyl ( mildew resistant - uv protected )

100% polyvinyl chloride ( PVC )

54" wide, 33 ounces per lineal yard.

If you need other upholstery supplies or fabrics, we have more in our e-bay store.

When ordering more than one color, don't pay until I combine shipping charges for you.

I highly recomend this vinyl and would use it on my boat,or car.


Cold Crack Product Cold Crack is equal to or greater than -23 degrees Celsius (-10 Fahrenheit)
Colors Available 12 colors available.
Content 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Description Marine and Automotive Grade Upholstery Vinyl with Powerful FR
Fire Retardancy California Bulletin 117-Section E, Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302.
Mildew Product is Mildew Resistant.
Tear Strength Passes CFFA-16C - Warp = 100 lbs and Fill = 150 lbs.
Tensile Strength Passes CFFA-17 - Warp = 500 lbs and Fill = 300 lbs.
Thickness Product thickness is 1.0 mm.
Weight 33.00 Ounces per Linear Yard
Width 54" (137 cm)




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Carbon Fiber Q 900 Blue Streak Auto Marine Vinyl

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