#70 Spectrum Camel Applications include uniforms, workwear, slacks, etc.
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Description #70 Spectrum Camel
Base COLOR Camel.
Description #70 Spectrum - Premium Camel Color.
Elongation 13-19% Min-Max.
Features An excellent apparel thread. Low shrinkage makes it ideal for polyester blends. 5-8% silicone lubrication. Resistant to sunlight and chemicals.Spectrum is a 100% high tenacity premium spun polyester thread. An advanced low friction lubricated thread with consistent quality thatprovides exceptional sewing performance in high speed and critical sewing operations. It is a knotless product with a uniform construction for dependable sewing of lightweight woven and knit fabrics.All thread sold in Canada have "Left Hand Twist" also known as Z twist.
Melting Melts at 508-526 degrees F/250-260 degrees C.
Product Contains 100% Staple Spun Polyester.
Shrinkage Shrinkage is less than 1% at 328 degrees F/150 degrees C.
Strength Break Strength is 2.5 Lbs.
Thickness Tex 27
Uses Applications include uniforms, workwear, slacks, etc.
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#70 Spectrum Camel Thread 6000 Yards apparel thread.

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