#4 White Coil Zipper Tape Chain ( 300 yards - 275 Meters )
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#4 White Coil Zipper Tape Chain ( 300 yards - 275 Meters )


Description #4 Coil Zip White (300yd/ROLL ONLY)
Base COLOR White
Description #4 White Coil Chain Zipper
Dimensions #4 Coil Zipper, total tape width is approximately 7/8" or 2 mm.
Features It has a low profile when installed and a very clean appearance either open or closed. Available in both locking and non-locking sliders. An economical solution to a fasteneing need. These sliders have the small tab preferred by furniture manufacturers.
Product Contains Chain Coil: Nylon Tape: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate - plastic)
Roll Size 300 yards (275.0 m)
Temperature Heat resistance: up to 130 C. Cold resistance: down to -60 C.
Uses Ideal for cushions, inside pockets, bags, or any other light duty application

 Sliders are sold seperate.





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#4 White Coil Zipper Tape Chain ( 300 yards - 275 Meters )

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